Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Random Tables: 100 New Trinkets

Here are 100 new trinkets for Dungeons & Dragons (5e) or just for using as random, interesting treasure additions.

Use these as an alternative table to the one in the PHB or flip a coin first to decide which one to use.

  1. A tiny brass clockwork cathedral that plays organ music when wound
  2. A bag of one-hundred marbles, ninety-nine are white and the other is black 
  3. A roc's feather
  4. A soldier doll of an empire long-forgotten
  5. A small mechanical snapping turtle
  6. A piece of torn red cloth bearing a royal insignia
  7. A preserved eyeball attached to a spindly eye-stalk, the nerves twitch occasionally
  8. A wooden puzzle box that you have not solved
  9. A shrunken head
  10. A ransom note for a long-lost relative of yours
  11. An hourglass filled with glowing sand that falls slower or faster than it should
  12. An obsidian icon of a forgotten deity
  13. A recorder carved from brilliant white ash
  14. A scroll case and scroll scribed with an unfinished spell
  15. A small stone that shifts through the color spectrum over the course of a week
  16. A candle whose flame produces no heat nor can it be extinguished or transfer its flame
  17. A leather necklace lined with troll fangs
  18. A small piece of gelatinous cube that slightly stings the skin, prolonged exposure may cause a rash
  19. A hefty piece of magnetic ore that fell from the skies
  20. A mining pick made from bone
  21. A coin that appears to have the same sides to everyone except you
  22. A bag full of tiny mummified frogs
  23. A box containing a mold for a cast iron key
  24. A compass that always points to where you were moments ago
  25. A painting of yourself when you are much older
  26. A small jewelry box containing three perfectly round and smooth stones
  27. A wanted poster with your face but someone else's name
  28. A wooden coin that weighs and sounds like metal
  29. A tiny soapstone octopus that slowly absorbs water
  30. A glass lamp with a tiny star suspended inside
  31. A petrified heart that leaks an oily black substance
  32. A harp which strings play notes you can only hear after sunset
  33. A pair of old books written in a lost language
  34. A map with a large patch of ocean torn out
  35. A pair of tetrahedral clay dice that always add up to five when rolled together
  36. A pair of glasses that make you invisible to yourself
  37. A small frozen glass-like flame that subtly melts and refreezes, morphing over time
  38. A pewter ring with an inlaid gold band that slowly rotates
  39. A hand mirror that shows everyone's reflection except your own
  40. A horn that when blown through produces no sound
  41. A freshly-excavated humanoid skeleton the size of your hand
  42. A broken sword hilt with strange runes on the remains of the blade
  43. A crow's claw
  44. A thin metal rod that plays out a tune when repeatedly tapped
  45. A heavy metal coin that floats on water
  46. A glass bone
  47. A bouncing ball made of a strange spongy wood
  48. A small crate box filled with burlap sacks of different exotic coffee beans
  49. A small mass of grey metallic ooze that can be stretched but not pulled apart
  50. A letter from a relative adressing you by a different name
  51. A stone statue of a god with an creature's head
  52. A small piece of rock that floats almost impercievably above the ground
  53. A dagger, simple and sharp, that is incapable of hurting you
  54. A pair of copper snake earrings of elven design
  55. A very small and furry creature that always sleeps and never eats
  56. A grime encrusted bone ring
  57. A "magical" acorn
  58. A green leather pouch full of berries that will never rot
  59. A silver and glass inkwell that cannot spill
  60. A child's diary
  61. A cloak lined with a strange blue fur
  62. A small crystal sphere that illuminates under starlight
  63. An odd pocket-sized gizmo that forecasts severe winds and rain coming your way
  64. A hand sized bell with no clapper but it still rings when played
  65. A right arm broken off from a statue
  66. A glass bottle that spins and points to the same place when left alone
  67. An antique sword, rusted to the scabbard
  68. A strange barbed choker that makes your voice more resonant
  69. A small piece of fabric that still holds the scent of a lost love
  70. A rock with a patch of curious purple moss
  71. A wooden carving of a strange unknown beast
  72. A spherical astrolabe that tracks the movements of the planes
  73. An ivory hair comb that changes your hair color subtly after repeated use
  74. A razor-sharp piece of metal wrapped in a bloody bandage
  75. A heavy rust-covered metal rod that whispers words only you hear
  76. A slender wooden twig which cannot be broken by any man
  77. A hand puppet that very much resembles another party member
  78. A wooden leg with a hidden compartment
  79. A clay teapot that fills itself with fresh hot tea every morning
  80. A small rabbit-fur pouch filled with ceremonial herbs and incense
  81. A piece of volcanic rock that has never completely cooled down
  82. A tiny oragami spider that ocassionaly skitters about on its own
  83. A small dark glass corked bottle filled to the brim with a powerful liquor
  84. A piece of a castle wall with a map chalked onto one side
  85. A small pouch of ashes that will remove ink from the pages they are smeared on
  86. A pocket-watch that started running backwards the moment you picked it up
  87. A rope belt that can extend to fifty feet
  88. A rare copy and translation of a religious manuscript
  89. A magical signet-ring that leaves a seal in wax that only the person or people you designate can see
  90. A gnarled walking staff of living wood that can manipulate tiny objects while you hold it
  91. A perfect forgery of a small masterpiece work of art
  92. A pair of magically linked bits of gemstone, holding one lets you sense the direction of the other
  93. A tuning fork that produces the most satisfying note anyone that hears it has ever heard
  94. A musical washboard made of monster bones
  95. A merchant's scale you can adjust with a handwave to weigh slightly in your favor
  96. A necklace of varyingly spherical and odd-shaped shimmering stones that gives the wearer prophetic dreams
  97. A quiver of twenty arrows that degrade quickly after impact, leaving no trace
  98. A small log that burns as hot as a roaring campfire and never turns to ash
  99. An unfinished autobiography
  100. A large piece of shell from a dragon's egg


  1. This is great! You might want to make the blog post a paragraph of you talking about what the subject is, and then have an external link (or an expandable list) for your list. Because it kind of takes of a LOT of space.

    But I'm looking forward to reading more! Can I request a magic item list?

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I will look into formatting changes for this and future posts.

      My next post is going to be a magic item list!

  2. Replies
    1. Those little thieves end up with the strangest treasures in their pockets.

  3. Great list. Thanks for making it available. Lots of food for thought.