Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Strange New World: Gazetteer Vol. 1 now for sale on Itch.io!

In the old tales they called the far off lands 'Americosa'. A strange world, fabled to be full of new wonders and beset from within by fearsome creatures and horrible mysteries...
...the legends would prove to be true.

  • More than 30 New World colonies and locations.
  • More than 50 encounters.
  • 2 New Classes, Longhunters and Wardens.
  • Sign Magic casting system for Wardens.
  • 4 New Races as Class including Buffalo-folk, Pukwudjie, Sasquatch and Kelpie.
  • New Spells and Rituals including Bind Familiar ritual and tables.
  • 8 Player Factions.
  • 4 New Skills.
  • New equipment including weaponized gases known as Damps.
  • Silencio Hexploration Area adventure.
  • Fighting Styles for Fighters and Fighting-men.
  • Weird Witchcraft, a chaotic alternative casting system.
  • Strange Beasts Generator for fighting boss monsters.
  • Dozens of new and dangerous Fearsome Creatures.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Strange New World: The Woetree

The Woetree is a species of enormous dead-looking trees with roots reaching miles into the Underworld where they drink upon souls for nourishment.

Parasitic boring maggots fester upon the tree, suckling upon the souls within the tree until they grow into a carrion crawling two-headed worm beast. When the corpse crawlers kill sentient creatures they harvest the creature's soul, process it in their guts and store it inside of the tree by spitting up a smoky greenish-blue sap-like substance. When enough souls (roughly 1 soul per foot of the Woetree's height) are stored within the sap, a skull-shaped seed will grow within the upper roots - to be later harvested by cultists. The Death Gods of Xibalba have their cults (particularly the cults of Hun-Came ("One Death") and Vucub-Came ("Seven Death")) plant these seeds along necrotic ley-lines around the world.

Corpse Crawler
Many-legged, segmented worm stretching 9' long. A human-looking face on both ends of its body with two pairs of four tentacles stretching from their inside their mouths.

HD 3+2 (17hp), Speed x1 human
(walk or climb walls and ceilings)
AC as Leather, Intelligence 2, Morale 9
No. Appearing d3, Classification Bogey

Paralyzing tentacles x8 (4 from each end), +3 to hit, causes paralysis for 2d4 Turns (10-minutes) (save versus paralysis). Paralyzed victims will be level-drained (1 level/round) if the corpse crawler is left to feed.

A Corpse Crawler's two-headed nature means they are unable to be back-stabbed.

Corpse Crawler maggots have 1HP; they do not attack other creatures but incidental contact can call for a save vs paralysis. Each tree hosts 2d20 maggots.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Strange New World: Wardens, a class inspired by The Witcher

In celebration of The Witcher series launching on Netflix, I am releasing the LotfP / BX / OSR-compatible Warden class from the Strange New World: Gazetteer in full.

Wardens are very much inspired by The Witcher, they are "Guardians - avowed by oaths, scarred by sacred tattoos and acquiesced by both crowns and religions - who use a narrow form of magic known as signs, against the strange and fearsome horrors of the new world."

Download the Warden pdf here!