Sunday, March 20, 2016

Curse of Strahd Remixed: Old Soul Background

Old Soul

You lived here once, long ago, and you were born here again.

You are unaware of any details to your former life except for the strange dreams you've been having.

Skill Proficiency: Insight, History

Tool Proficiency: Proficiency in one artisan's tools, gaming set or musical instrument.

Languages: Pick one additional language, including secret languages.

Equipment: Any Simple weapon, An Artisan toolkit, gaming set or musical instrument, Traveler's clothes, Belt pouch with 10gp in precious gems, rare mystical components or animal trophies and furs. You also start with an additional trinket (from the Gothic or normal table).


You receive dreams that reveal pieces of your former life (your DM will determine the details and how they relate to the campaign) and you feel connections to any NPC that might share such history. Additionally, you can tell right away and without question whether someone has a soul or exists without one as a shell of a person.

Suggested Characteristics

The trauma of reincarnation and the meddling of Dark Powers has left scars upon the fabric of your psyche. You sometimes feel like you are somewhere else, somebody else.

d8 Personality

  1. I can see clearly that this is what I was always meant to do. 
  2. We must forge our own path, no waiting about. 
  3. I am wise beyond my years, you will learn much from me. 
  4. I must find out who I am meant to be, I will learn everything I can from those near me. 
  5. Everything bores me. I feel like I have seen everything there is already. 
  6. If I look like who they say I am, I might as well act like it.
  7. I feel that there is more than a lifetime of knowledge waiting to be excavated from the recesses of my mind. 
  8. There are always new horizons to explore, every day brings me something new. 

d6 Ideal

  1. Self Preservation: Everyone should look out for themselves, nobody else will. (Chaotic) 
  2. Martyrdom: If I must suffer so that the world will not, so be it. (Good) 
  3. Treasure: I know of many hidden treasures in this world. (Neutral) 
  4. Retribution: Blood must be spilled. (Evil) 
  5. Hope: If I keep trying then I make good things happen. (Good) 
  6. Mastery: I want to be the very best. (Lawful) 

d6 Bond

  1. You have something precious that links you to your former life (a trinket or other small object). 
  2. Your dreams are more than dreams, they are a warning. 
  3. You once had an encounter with an entity from another world. 
  4. The only person you can truly trust is the master who raised you as their own. 
  5. You were raised among the poor and downtrodden and you easily make allies among those people. 
  6. You once had loyal followers who now no longer believe in you. 

d6 Flaw

  1. You are primitive and crude. You smell of the wilds. 
  2. You are never satisfied with what life has to offer. 
  3. You were born with a cosmetic deformity, an injury from a past life. 
  4. You have an imaginary pet that has always kept you from being alone. 
  5. You have made a lot of promises you never intended on keeping. 
  6. "You" have two or three personalities, each with its own personality flaw.

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  1. I like this one! It seems very appropriate to Ravenloft. Some of the Bonds and Flaws seem like they could be hard to pull off or would require a lot of background integration, but that means there's a range of options for different tables.