Monday, March 7, 2016

Curse of Strahd Remixed: 50 New Gothic Trinkets

The release of Curse of Strahd is upon us and I am going to be posting some of my own creations for this campaign. To start out with I have come up with another trinket table, this time we have 50 new gothic trinkets to match the 50 released by WotC. You can combine them to do a full 100 or just roll on either table seperately. You could also use this as a random table for interesting treasures in any fantasy or gothic horror game.
  1. A heavy iron key to cemetary gates.
  2. A box with a small hole when peered in reveals a grotesque version of your surroundings.
  3. A candle that casts twisted and disturbing shadows.
  4. A wooden stake carved with icons of different deities.
  5. A tiny animated vermin corpse (centipede, spider, cockroach) that you keep as a pet.
  6. A flute made from a human femur.
  7. A small corked vial, half-filled with a clear liquid, labeled "Mother's Tears".
  8. A wooden raven with a hidden compartment.
  9. A portrait of yourself that ages backwards.
  10. A small glass canister that keeps any vermin inside alive without need of food or air.
  11. A hair tie made from a tiny skeletal hand.
  12. A choker of thorny black vines that brings disturbing dreams.
  13. A glass bottle of perfume that smells awful to everyone except you.
  14. A stone jewelry box guarded by a tiny animate gargoyle.
  15. A glass bottle, filled with brown liquid, corked, wired shut and simply labeled "Poison".
  16. A small stone effigy that bleeds from the eyes.
  17. A walking stick, carved from ash, topped with a mummified demon's head.
  18. A small seashell that makes distant sounds of screaming when you listen through it.
  19. A ceramic white face mask that turns your eyes pitch black when you wear it.
  20. A doll, missing its head, that belonged to a child who was beheaded.
  21. A small hand-mirror that shows a mysterious stranger creeping up and strangling you from behind.
  22. A goblet made from a perserved human skull that is always staring at you when you wake up.
  23. A pocket sundial that casts a shadow opposite of what it should.
  24. A letter from a loved one you once believed to be dead.
  25. A teacup that shows only you strange murky visions that may seem prophetic or misleading.
  26. A taxidermied house cat.
  27. A diary belonging to a missing child.
  28. A metal locket that only opens when you hum a sorrowful melody.
  29. A small wood chest with a carved cherub's face protruding from the side that you can sometimes hear giggling.
  30. A writ of execution with your name on it.
  31. A shrunken monster head with its eyes and mouth sewn shut.
  32. A child's wooden toy sword stained with blood.
  33. A crystal ball that contains likenesses of every loved one of yours that has died.
  34. A fortune-telling card bearing an uncanny likeness of another party member.
  35. A child's book of fairytales, the cover scorched and the pages singed from fire.
  36. A white piece of paper with a dark ink spot
  37. A bone sewing needle that never breaks.
  38. A small monkey idol you can never get rid of, it always reappears among your belongings.
  39. A ceremonial bowl that slowly fills with blood every midnight.
  40. A clockwork slithering snake.
  41. An oiled silk umbrella that always has patters of rains dropping on it no matter the weather.
  42. A slice of brain tissue preserved in a glass slide
  43. An unfinished symphony scrawled into the edges of an unrelated manuscript.
  44. A wolf's pelt that howls when a full moon rises.
  45. A jaw bone that sometimes tries to speak to you.
  46. A wedding band taken from the finger of a dying man.
  47. A collection of crude sketches torn from a monster hunter's journal.
  48. A skeletal rocking horse carved from bone.
  49. A vampire fang.
  50. A jar containing your unborn twin

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