Saturday, February 27, 2016

Random Tables: 100 Mundane Treasures

This random table features ordinary mundane items ranging in value between 1 and 200gp (these are only my suggested prices, DMs should feel free to adjust prices to best suit their campaigns). Perfect for adding some unique and memorable items to low level treasure hoards. All prices are in gold pieces to keep things simple.

  1. A small, square iron mirror (10gp) 
  2. A set of carved stone dice (2gp) 
  3. A gold and silver drinking stein (60gp) 
  4. A dark wood ornamental bow decorated with silver and bronze (110gp) 
  5. A small obsidian statue of a horse (20gp) 
  6. A pair of carved wooden cuff links (10gp) 
  7. A fanciful and exaggerated map of the world painted on leather canvas (30gp) 
  8. A pair of tribal bamboo plug earrings (2gp) 
  9. A decorative gold, bronze and amethyst lantern (55gp) 
  10. An engraved copper ring (1gp) 
  11. A set of four silver horse shoes (20gp) 
  12. A tall, curved jade vase (45gp) 
  13. A crocheted wire sculpture of a portly vase (6gp) 
  14. A broken silver beaded filigree ear stud (6gp) 
  15. A steel belt buckle with a golden hammer (10gp) 
  16. A mixed leopard and horse statue with its body clad in gilded filigree (60gp) 
  17. A rune carved drinking horn (40gp) 
  18. A deed to a cemetery plot (25gp) 
  19. A small bone carving of a snake and a turtle (4gp) 
  20. An engraved silver ring (5gp) 
  21. A string of pearl and coral beads (18gp) 
  22. An old and well-preserved book of children's fairy tales (6gp) 
  23. A silver necklace of a dragon with three ruby eyes (180gp) 
  24. A silver coffer with a secret drawer (110gp) 
  25. A blue leather noble's hat with silver silk bands and a silver feather (70gp) 
  26. A small ivory statue of a human female (16gp) 
  27. A commemorative gold coin of a local political icon (5gp) 
  28. A heavy cloak trimmed with spider fur (125gp) 
  29. A fine, white leather cloak covered in thick white fur (125gp) 
  30. An engraved gold ring (10gp) 
  31. A leather tunic lined with red velvet (15gp) 
  32. A sequined squid skin belt pouch (22gp) 
  33. A pair of gold and silver boots (40gp) 
  34. A fine black leather scabbard with eight yellow gemstones and locking straps (25gp) 
  35. A monocle engraved with gold (20gp) 
  36. A bronze bracelet with several bird charms (2gp) 
  37. A leather bound metal flask of ink (10gp) 
  38. A set of three decorative hand carved green wax candles (12gp) 
  39. A small statue of an angelic woman made from gold plated iron (90gp) 
  40. A small engraved platinum ring (25gp) 
  41. A scroll case made of carved bone with leather caps (27gp) 
  42. A tall silver plated candle holder shaped like a dragon's claw (75gp) 
  43. A cracked bowl crafted from a humanoid skull (1gp) 
  44. A set of four cast iron cooking pots (10gp) 
  45. A necklace made of fake silver, decorated with imitation amethysts and rubies (4gp) 
  46. A tall metal vase decorated with hundreds of tiny metal eyes (40gp) 
  47. A hand painted set of playing cards (52gp) 
  48. A small round silver bird pendant with a long gold chain (31gp) 
  49. A pair of matching heart shaped silver lockets (48gp) 
  50. An engraved adamantine ring (50gp) 
  51. A large, oval shaped silver mirror with a pearl handle (100gp) 
  52. A set of thin gold inlaid reading spectacles (75gp) 
  53. A small silver and golden helmet (55gp) 
  54. A stuffed bear made from real bear fur (8gp) 
  55. A silver locket with a tiny key inside (40gp) 
  56. A ceremonial gold dagger (60gp) 
  57. A small wooden night stand with green velvet lined drawers (15gp) 
  58. A set of antique copper cookware (10gp) 
  59. A small sterling silver filigree horse and buggy statue (45gp) 
  60. A pair of silver hoop earrings (6gp) 
  61. A hand carved wooden jewelry box with silver filigree (72gp) 
  62. A gold bracelet with rose, feather and crystal shaped charms (30gp) 
  63. A deed to a small apple orchard (100gp) 
  64. A gold plated woman's comb (15gp) 
  65. A silver and bronze chalice (25gp) 
  66. A large carved wooden statue of a blow fish (20gp) 
  67. An antique and inaccurate brass globe (42gp) 
  68. A leather choker with short gold spikes (4gp) 
  69. A decorative iron torch inlaid with gold (14gp) 
  70. A pair of simple gold earrings (12gp) 
  71. A gold plated leaf sculpture (9gp) 
  72. An ancient copper coin engraved with the image of a dragon (10gp) 
  73. A platinum bell engraved with golden horses (75gp) 
  74. A necklace of carved knuckle bones (6gp) 
  75. An exotic green and yellow sequined silk night gown (112gp) 
  76. A stained glass painting of butterflies (65gp) 
  77. A dark leather and silk monsterous mask with jet eyes (43gp) 
  78. A set of platinum silverware (95gp) 
  79. A large gold ring with an opal gem in a clawed setting (50gp) 
  80. A pair of platinum stud earrings (28gp) 
  81. A set of seven humanoid shaped obsidian pendants (42gp) 
  82. A large tapestry depicting an ancient battle with tentacled monsters (180gp) 
  83. An ornamental wooden long sword (2gp) 
  84. A long leather jerkin with silver studs and gold stars (53gp) 
  85. A hand carved tribal smoking pipe (10gp) 
  86. A large canvas painting of a noble (30gp) 
  87. A stone chalice carved with runes (4gp) 
  88. A small wood carving of a frog and an eagle (2gp) 
  89. A set of five gold lined ceramic plates (28gp) 
  90. A set of adamantine bangle earrings (55gp) 
  91. A set of four gold plated bowls (80gp) 
  92. A gold toe ring with channel set emeralds (26gp) 
  93. A small obsidian horse headed idol with peridot eyes(17gp) 
  94. An ivory scroll case with silk bands and silver plated caps (68gp) 
  95. A red and black leather cap with white and gold feathers (45gp) 
  96. A platinum dish with gilded engravings (50gp) 
  97. A dusty and unopened bottle of black label red wine (10gp) 
  98. A small red stone statue of a fat wise man (4gp) 
  99. A set of carved ivory dice (8gp) 
  100. A pair of small diamond earrings (200gp)


  1. I'd probably lower the gp values on a lot of the items to prevent random dungeon dressing from becoming a hoard of loot, but otherwise this is great. I love it when people point out the kind of details that most writers overlook. Some of the items, like tapestries or engraved decorations on plates, could even be expanded into adventure hooks with the mysterious tales they tell.

  2. I'm grabbing these for use in my Tyranny of Dragons campaign! Due to the nature of the storyline, players are always stumbling across treasure, and it's much more interesting if I can describe a few unique items in among the usual piles of gems and coins.