Sunday, December 15, 2019

So, You Killed a Santa... What's In His Sack?

“Der Belsnickel!” screamed the children as they ran from the frightening creature!

Belsnickel is one of the many dark gift-giving companions of Saint Nicholas. A disheveled, crotchety bearded man, wearing stinking furs and a devilish mask with a long tongue. His limbs are long and his body is ragged, covered in tattered and dirty clothes. He carries a long hazel switch with him, which to beat naughty children. But also a sack full of gifts - nuts and candies for good children which he will toss on the floor. If the children jump too quickly they may be struck by Belsnickel's switch.

HD 6+1 (34hp), Speed x1 human, AC as Leather+2
Intelligence as Santa Klaus, Morale 11


  • Toss Candy, Belsnickel throws a handful of candied nuts and fruits to the floor. Save or be lured by the candy, forced to move towards it at normal speed. If lured into range of his switch, Belsnickel may immediately attack. If Belsnickel looks for more candy, roll a d6 (-1 for each round since Belsnickel last tossed candy) he succeeds on a 1.
  • Hazel Switch x2, +6 to hit / d4 damage (2d4 vs naughty creatures)

There is a 50% chance when encountering Belsnickel that there is a boy (1HD) named Black Peter assisting him.

He may have vexxed you as a violent vagrant or a did you dirty as a delirious drifter. It is the nature of the Belsnickel, who kidnaps mischievous children and drags them into the forest for punishment. He will often give these wicked, spoiled kids a chance to redeem themselves who are made to dance, do tricks, sing or recite poems before the Belsnickel. However.. you decided for a more direct approach to rescuing them - good old fashion murder. Now the Belsnickel lies in a bloody mess beneath you, what's he carrying in that sack?

  1. d100 portions of nuts, fruits and candies. A bottle of warm, spoiled milk and a serving of cold, half-eaten ham.
  2. Sharpened reindeer antler, usable as a d4 weapon.
  3. d8 kidnapped children.
  4. An infinite string of popped corn and cranberries.
  5. Reins of the Reindeer, allows the holder to summon, control and dismiss a flying reindeer mount.
  6. A small wooden nutcracker that animates to a 2HD soldier with a rifled musket and long sword. Its attacks are considered magical and deal double damage to spirits. The figurine is destroyed should the soldier perish.
  7. The Gingerbread Man, who comes to life and screams before he is about to be eaten. He is on the run from an little old woman trying to eat him.
  8. Globe of Winter, a small snow-globe that always shows a miniature version of the immediate surroundings. If the globe is shaken then it will begin snowing nearby and last for 1/Turn after the shaking stops.
  9. Chains of Christmas Past, magical silvered chains can be used as a flail, rope or manacles that can even bind spirits.
  10. A snow storm. When the sack is opened a small blizzard is unleashed, high winds that deal d6 cold damage per round in a 120' radius (Save for half damage).
  11. Cookie crumbs.
  12. A Lightgonne (and a 10 shot energy disc), with a tag addressed to 'Wiki Dot Pod'.
The sack itself functions as a Bag of Holding that can only store items intended as 'gifts' (either good or bad).


Requires an Energy Disc (1 charge/shot). Musket range, 2d8 damage. Ignores mundane armor. Beam cuts through 1" x 1' of metal per charge.

Initially operating the gun requires 3 successful consecutive Intelligence checks, a single failure resets the process, failure by 3 wastes a charge, fail by 5 destroys the Lightgonne, 2d8 damage. If the gun is explained to you, +4 to your check.

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