Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Strange New World: Gazetteer Vol. 1 now for sale on Itch.io!

In the old tales they called the far off lands 'Americosa'. A strange world, fabled to be full of new wonders and beset from within by fearsome creatures and horrible mysteries...
...the legends would prove to be true.

  • More than 30 New World colonies and locations.
  • More than 50 encounters.
  • 2 New Classes, Longhunters and Wardens.
  • Sign Magic casting system for Wardens.
  • 4 New Races as Class including Buffalo-folk, Pukwudjie, Sasquatch and Kelpie.
  • New Spells and Rituals including Bind Familiar ritual and tables.
  • 8 Player Factions.
  • 4 New Skills.
  • New equipment including weaponized gases known as Damps.
  • Silencio Hexploration Area adventure.
  • Fighting Styles for Fighters and Fighting-men.
  • Weird Witchcraft, a chaotic alternative casting system.
  • Strange Beasts Generator for fighting boss monsters.
  • Dozens of new and dangerous Fearsome Creatures.